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WolfSign (DocuSign)

WolfSign is a cloud based electronic signature system. (Currently, DocuSign is the system used for electronic signatures.)

WolfSign Recipients

Any email address is able to receive a WolfSign envelope. You will receive a WolfSign document in your email inbox from a sender which will prompt you to e-sign the document, no logins required!

WolfSign Senders

To send of a WolfSign envelope with the UNR campus license you will need dean, director, or department chair approval, and you must have an email address. Once you have the above items please Submit a Ticket with the approval attached in order to be added as a WolfSign sender.

Training sessions for Wolfsign are offered periodically throughout the year. You can sign up on TLT’s website. Or you can submit a ticket and request access to the recorded training session. 

If you have additional questions that weren't addressed above, please contact for assistance.