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Please refer to theUniversity of Nevada's Coronavirus Updatespage for more information on alternate campus operations.

Resources for working remotely can be found on OIT'sWorking Remotelypage.

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Adobe Creative Cloud for Students - Home Use

Associated Roles:
  • Students

As a result of campus closure, student access to Adobe Creative Cloud in labs and classrooms is not available. Adobe has provided temporary at-home access until May 31st, 2020 for impacted students, so that you can continue to work remotely. Please follow the instructions below to enable access to Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device.

Create a Personal Adobe ID

  1. Go to and select the Sign In button in the top right landing page with a red box and arrow highlighting the Sign in button in the top right corner.
  2. Sign into Adobe one of three ways:
    • Sign in with a previously created Adobe ID
    • Select the Create an Account to create a new Adobe ID using any valid email address
    • Sign in using any of the other pass-through options (Google, Facebook, Apple).
    Sign in page with the Create and Account highlighted by a red box and arrow and the pass-through methods highlighted by red arrows.
  3. Once you are signed in select the Account button, and make note of the email address associated with your account.

Welcome Back page with the Account button highlighted by a red box and the associated email address highlighted by a red box and arrow

Submit Temporary Student Adobe Creative Cloud Request

Once you have your Adobe ID, and have noted the email associated with it, select the button below and sign in with your NetID and password to fill out a form for requesting Temporary Adobe Creative Cloud access.

You will be notified via your primary university contact email twice. Once immediately after submission to notify you the ticket has been created. A second email will go out when the request is completed.

Accessing Creative Cloud

Once you have received the second email that the request has been completed, sign back into and select the Apps button to see your list of available applications.

Welcome Back page with the apps button highlighted by a red box and arrow.

For more information on how to download and install Creative Cloud apps please see Download and Install Creative Cloud apps.