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UNR Guest

The UNR Guest wireless signal is for people that are not affiliated with the University, but would like to access the internet from their own wireless device (such as a laptop or smartphone). This wireless signal allows access to all websites, including access to the University's online journals, books, and databases. 

The number of people, length of time the account is to last, determines the method by which the account should be requested. Once you have received an account, accessing the network is simple. 

Accounts for Five Days or Fewer 

Accounts for five or fewer days, regardless of the number of accounts needed, can be created by connecting to the UNR-Guest signal and following the instructions. 

A cell phone capable of receiving SMS messages, or the ability to access email without needing to connect to a wifi signal is required. 

If there are any issues using the self-service system, contact the OIT Support Center to have the account created remotely.

Accounts for Six Days or More

For a Single Person

Guest wireless accounts for a single person required for six days or more must be requested by a faculty or staff member. There must be a legitimate reason for having an account for this length of time, such as for a conference or a contract worker. The sponsoring employee must submit a form. These requests are then sent to OIT Management for approval before they are created. We ask that wireless accounts are requested in advance.

Once created, the account will not be issued until the day before it comes active.

For Multiple Users 

Guest wireless accounts to be used by multiple people for more than five days must be approved by a Dean, Director, Department Head, or OIT Management before they can be created. Please complete a Guest Wireless Application form with the following details:

  • Number of people 
  • Location on campus 
  • Title/purpose of the event

Since this type of request goes through an approval process, we ask that you submit this request in advance, so your group doesn't have to wait. Usually, the account will be issued the day before the event. 

Only one account is created. This account can be used by the number of people requested. 

If you have any questions about the UNR-Guest network, please contact the OIT Support Center.