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Resetting a RACF ID Password

Associated Roles:
  • Faculty / Staff

For security reasons, your RACF ID password expires every 60 days. Most systems will automatically inform you when you need to change your RACF ID password, and will give you the option to do so before completing the login process. In some situations however, you may need a technician to reset your password manually.

To have your RACF ID password reset, please contact the OIT Support Center at (775) 682-5000. In order to process the password reset, the technician will need to verify your Employee ID. You will be given a temporary password, and will be prompted to set a permanent password the next time you login with your RACF ID.

What do I do if My Account Has Been Revoked?

screenshot of the QWS3270 RACF login screen with a blue box around the login error message.

You may receive this message when logging into different systems using your RACF ID. This means that the password has expired and needs to be reset. Once the password reset is complete you will be able to access the system using your RACF ID and password.

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