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Please refer to theUniversity of Nevada's Coronavirus Updatespage for more information on alternate campus operations.

Resources for working remotely and on campus can be found on OIT'sAlternative Operation Resourcespage.

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Associated Roles:
  • Students
  • Faculty / Staff

If you do not know your NetID or require assistance resetting your NetID password, you can contact the OIT Support Center and a technician will be available to assist you.

The NetID (Network Identification) is a unique username that is automatically generated for all current students, faculty and staff of the University of Nevada, Reno. You must activate your NetID when you first arrive at the University, and then reset the password at least once a year afterwards. Your NetID will typically be made up of your name. For example, John Smith will have a NetID like jsmith. The username made up of numbers like 8000123456 is an NSHE ID, and can only be used to log into MyNevada. You will not know what your NetID is until after it has been activated.

Where is the NetID used?

The NetID allows you to access many resources, including:

  • Logging into computers around campus
    • For example, you need a NetID to log into the computers in the Knowledge Center and general access computer labs around campus.
  • Accessing the internet
    • Your NetID is used to log into the eduroam wireless network. Additionally, students must use their NetID to register computers and game systems on the wired network in the Residence Halls.
  • Accessing academic websites
    • The NetID is used by faculty to access MyNevada, and by everyone to access WebCampus(Canvas). These are the two main websites used for academics at the University.
  • Accessing online resources


The NetID is chosen for you by an automated system that analyzes all current and previous NetIDs.

Your NetID may be changed. If the change is due to a legal name change, please ensure the change is first registered by either Human Resources or Student Services before requesting this service from OIT. Please note that if you are both a student and an employee, the change must be made with Human Resources first, otherwise any name change to your student record will continue to be overwritten by your name on file with Human Resources. 

After you have followed the steps above, use the link below to request a change to your NetID and/or name with OIT. 


Your NetID will remain active for the length of your affiliation with the University. Upon leaving UNR, your NetID will be automatically disabled, and you will lose access to all resources associated with the NetID (such as employee email and NevadaBox). Note: NetIDs for students who graduate from UNR remain active for six months from the date their degree was recorded.


The NetID is provided to all affiliated members of the University at no charge.

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