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Applicant Username

The Applicant Username is a unique username that is created by you when beginning the application for admission process. This applies to undergraduates, international (undergraduate only), or nondegree/Graduate Special students. The Applicant Username is only used during the application for admission process through ApplyNevada up until the time your application is submitted. Instructions for retrieving, and resetting the password for an Applicant Username can be found onĀ MyNevada Help.

Where is the Applicant Username used?

The Applicant Username is only used for the application process through ApplyNevada. Once you submit your application, you will receive your 10-digit NSHE ID and should activate that account immediately.

  • After submission of the application, applicants will receive their 10-digit NSHE ID and will need to activate their NSHE ID account. Instructions on activation can be found on MyNevada Help.
  • To return to an application prior to submission or to fill out a new application for a different term, please log into ApplyNevada with your Applicant Username.


The Application Username is provided at no charge.