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Mailing Lists

To avoid individual user's email accounts from being used to send spam, there is a limit on the number of recipients that can be added to one email on sent from an employee email account.

There will be times when you will need to send to more than that number, or a time when you would like people to subscribe to a newsletter. Additionally, many departments like the ability to send to one email address, knowing that everyone in that department will then receive the message. For this reason, the OIT offers the Sympa - the mailing list system.

Sympa mailing lists have an email address that ends with They are highly configurable - allowing you to modify who can send and receive certain messages.

  • Faculty and Staff (e-mail addresses ending with may follow the instructions found below to set up their mailing list.
  • Faculty and Staff of the University of Nevada School of Medicine must submit a Help Desk Request for Service to request a mailing list.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Students should visit the ASUN Student Activities Office on the 3rd floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union. They offer a variety of services to University sanctioned clubs.


Mailing lists are provided at no charge.

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