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Encrypting Email

Any email that is sent from an email address and received by an is secure by virtue of the fact that a NetID is required to both send and receive the email.

If you are sending emails to an external address, you have the option to encrypt the contents of your email. 

Encrypting Outgoing Emails

To encrypt the contents of your email, write [encrypt] (with square brackets) in the subject of your email. Our mail server will detect it and apply secure encryption to the email. Screenshot of a New Email message in Outlook

What Does the Recipient Receive?

  • When the encrypted message arrives, it will look like a regular e-mail (with an attachment). Screenshot of a Gmail message line.
  • However, instead of the body of the message that you sent, this e-mail will ask the recipient to open an attachment. Screenshot of an Email Encrypted using the Office 365 server.
  • The attachment (a simple html page) will instruct the user to follow one of two options to read the message. They can either create an account using the email that received the encrypted message, or use a one time code that will be sent to the same email address as the encrypted message.  
    Screenshot of the Encrypted Message Attachment.
  • The link takes them to a secure site on a University server, where they will need to register their details.
  • After registering, they will be taken to the message.Screenshot of the de-crypted email message.
  • This encryption prevents the message from leaving the University (the recipient can only access the message on the University server).

If you have any issues encrypting outgoing email, please contact the OIT Support Center.