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iOS Device

Associated Roles:
  • Faculty / Staff

The following instructions will assist you in adding your email address into the Outlook app on your iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) device. You must be connected to either Wifi or a cellular network (3G, 4G, LTE) to follow these instructions.  

Accessing Your Employee Email Address on Your iOS Device

  1. Install the Microsoft Outlook App from the App Store and launch the Outlook App.

  2. Select Add Account. 

  3. Enter your UNR employee email ( and select the Add Account button.

    Add Account window showing a UNR employee email address added and the Add Account Button.

  4. Enter your employee email password and select Sign in.
    Email sign in screen showing Email at the top and requesting to enter email password with a red box highlighting the "Sign in" button.

  5. An option will appear to add another email account. If you wish to add another account select the Let's Do It! button and follow the above steps again, otherwise select the Maybe Later button to continue.
    Add Another Screen showing the option to add another account or skip this step with the left button which says "Maybe Later".
  6. You may now access your email from the Outlook app on your iOS device!

If you have any issues accessing your Employee Email Address on your iOS Device, please contact the OIT Support Center