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Please refer to theUniversity of Nevada's Coronavirus Updatespage for more information on alternate campus operations.

Resources for working remotely can be found on OIT'sWorking Remotelypage.

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Office 365: Quick Reference Tile Guide

Having access to the Office 365 online portal allows you to access Microsoft Office applications inside your web browser. This allows you to edit documents or presentations that you are working on from any internet enabled device. Below is a list of the programs you have access too as well as a brief description of their function. 


Microsoft Word

Screenshot of the Word icon in Office 365 online.

  • create, edit, and view word documents
  • share word documents 

Learn more about Word

Microsoft Excel

Screenshot of the Excel icon in Office 365 online.

  • create, edit, and view spreadsheets
  • keep track of data
  • perform basic calculations, use graphing tools, and pivot tables

Learn more about Excel

Microsoft Forms

Screenshot of the Forms icon in Office 365 online.

  • create surveys, quizzes, and polls
  • easily access results as documents are submitted
  • export results to Excel
  • access built in analytic

Learn more about Forms


Microsoft PowerPoint

Screenshot of the PowerPoint icon in Office 365 online.

  • create presentations 
  • add images, text, and videos to presentations
  • share presentations 

Learn more about Powerpoint

Microsoft Sway

Screenshot of the Sway icon in Office 365 online.

  • quickly and easily produce professional, interactive, and visually appealing designs
  • create interactive presentations
  • share presentations

Learn more about Sway

Get Organized

Microsoft Class Notebook

Screenshot of the Class Notebook icon in Office 365

  • Faculty: It allows you to add or remove students, keep notes notes on each of your classes and manage your notebooks
  • Students: It allows you to have notebooks for each of your classes, add or remove teachers and manage your notebooks. 

Learn more about Class Notebook 

University of Nevada, Reno students do not have access to Class Notebook, therefore it is NOT recommended for Faculty use. 

Microsoft OneNote 

Screenshot of the OneNote icon in Office 365 online.

  • create a number of different Notebooks
  • organize their notes by topics
  • link to class NoteBook
  • share notes 

Learn more about OneNote

Microsoft Outlook 

Screenshot of the Mail icon in Office 365 online.

  • send and receive email
  • organize, coordinate, and share meetings and events in calendar. 
  • create and manage a To-Do list
  • create and manage contacts

Learn more about Outlook 


Microsoft OneDrive 

Screenshot of the OneDrive icon in Office 365 online.

  • unlimited storage space
  • create, edit, share and delete files 

Learn more about OneDrive

Microsoft SharePoint

Screenshot of the SharePoint icon in Office 365.

  • share files 
  • set permission levels to files

Learn more about SharePoint

Microsoft Teams

Screenshot of the Teams icon in Office 365 online.

  • work collaboratively on projects
  • share documents
  • start a chat
  • add assignments

Learn more about Teams

If you have any issues using the Office 365 online applications, please contact the OIT Support Center.