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NAS: Personal Share

University employees may request the creation of a personal share to store work related data by contacting the OIT Support Center. Access to a personal share is restricted to a single user and is assigned to a single NetID. OIT staff will work with the employee to create the share and configure the appropriate permissions and access. 

Share Location 

Your personal NAS share will be located at the following network location:


Where NetID is your personal NetID. 

Storage Quota 

Initially, personal shares are allotted 5 GB per user. That allotment (or quota) may be increased as needed. Individual owners must contact the OIT Support Center to request increases in space. Before a quota can be increased, OIT will need to verify that the share is only being used to store work related data. 

Accessing Another User's Personal Share 

Requests to access the personal share by anyone other than the owner of that share should be submitted by the department chair or director of the organizational unit and then signed by the President of the University.