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NAS: Department Share

Department/Group spaces are created to allow multiple employees to share a common set of documents and files. 

Creating the Share

Departments or working groups must request STORAGE space by contacting the OIT Support Center

A department representative designated by departmental or group management will work with OIT staff to identify the following information:

  • Which employees will be granted access to share documents and data
  • To define the type of permissions/access each employee receives
  • The total amount of storage needed.

After share creation, OIT staff will support each employee to configure access and supply instructions on the use of the share. 

Getting Access

The department representative, through the OIT Support Center, will also manage the addition and deletion of employees to the access list as departmental/group membership changes. Proper management of the access list reinforces the security features of the STORAGE share. 

Share Location

The network path to a department's storage are is usually in this form.


For example, if the department of "Specific Example Studies" has a share created, and they are a member of the larger "Department of Explanations" then their STORAGE share will be located at \\storage\explanations\specific example studies.

If you are unsure if your department has a space on the NAS, or if you have forgotten what the path is, please contact the OIT Support Center

Storage Quota 

Initially, departmental/group shares are allotted 10 GB per user. That allotment (or quota) may be increased as needed. The department representative must contact the OIT Support Center to request increases in space. 

For extraordinary needs such as large data sets, OIT may recommend the purchase of additional storage devices to accommodate departmental/group needs. OIT staff will consult with the department or group managers to evaluate needs and help with the selection and installation of hardware compatible with the University infrastructure.