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Refurbished Computer Purchasing

Associated Roles:
  • Faculty / Staff

When available, Endpoint services replaces older computers with refurbished University PCs or Macs for $60 per computer to any requesting campus department. These requests are filled as surplus PCs and Macs become available for refurbishing, there is no guarantee of immediate replacement.

Refurbished Computer Details

  • Refurbished computers are the exclusive property of the University of Nevada, Reno , and are subject to proper salvage and surplus procedures set forth by the University‚Äôs Purchasing Department and state law
  • There is a $60 charge for the computer. This fee covers:
    • Copying the file contents of the old hard drive onto the refurbished computer.
    • Removing applications and software from the old computer to be transferred to the refurbished computer when possible.
    • Reloading any business applications and software, where user can provide proof of licensing.
    • Configuring printer drivers and peripheral equipment for standard existing devices
  • There is a $30 charge for wiping and reloading the operating system and necessary software on an existing, functional, in-use office computer.
  • When available, a used flat panel monitor may be included for an additional $15.