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Computer Information

Associated Roles:
  • Faculty / Staff

If you need to contact the OIT Support Center for technical assistance with your computer, it will be very useful to know how to obtain certain information that will help the OIT Technician diagnose and resolve your issue.

Serial Number

How to identify the serial number of your computer so that our OIT Technicians can easily track the issues and changes being made to your computer. 

IP Address

How to find your location on the UNR Network, which can help IT technicians resolve any network issues. 

MAC Address

How to find your computer's network adapter and its unique identifier, which will help our technicians with network issues and registration. 


Computer Name 

Finding the hostname of your computer so that OIT can identify your machine on the UNR Network.


Information for PC and Mac users on how to take a screenshot and how to send it to the OIT Support Center. 

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