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Please refer to theUniversity of Nevada's Coronavirus Updatespage for more information on alternate campus operations.

Resources for working remotely can be found on OIT'sWorking Remotelypage.

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University Computers

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  • Faculty / Staff

While the Office of Information Technology works hard to ensure that nothing goes wrong on your computer, it's probably a good idea to know some best practices relating to the purchasing, usage, and maintenance of the computer.

Nearly all office computers on campus are tied to our central network. You should log into these computers with your NetID to ensure that you get the latest updates, and that necessary security policies are applied so that you can access resources such as File Storage or your Email.

Software List

Find out what software is available through UNR OIT, as well as how to purchase the software and install it on your computer.


Prices for a new computer vary depending upon the specifications.

Refurbished computers can be ordered from OIT for $60.

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