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Accessing Files

Regardless of whether you are accessing Remote Services on a PC or a Mac, the software will run files as though you are on a Windows PC.

File Location

It is possible to open File Explorer from within a remote app, just as you would on any Windows PC. It is possible to access files from the remote server (individual users have 2 GB of storage). You can also access your NAS Storage Share, but OIT Recommends that you use a cloud data service, such as NevadaBox or Google Drive. 

Remote Services Files 

When launching File Explorer, files stored on the Remote Services server can be saved to, and opened from, the default folders listed. 

Individuals who are members of multiple remote profiles will see multiple File Explorer apps in their list. The files stored on Remote Services server for different profiles are independent of each other. It is not possible to access a file stored in the "DataWorks" profile from the "Engineering" profile. To access files across profiles, it is recommended to save to a different location, such as NevadaBox or Google Drive.  

Home Directory on the Storage NAS

If you have a home directory on the NAS Storage, it will automatically appear as the "U" drive in file explorer.