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Support Process Information


Why can't I contact my area technician directly?

There are a number of reasons why we advise that you contact OIT Support rather than calling your area technician directly:
  1. Many issues do not involve the area technician. Even some computer-related problems are best solved by a different member of OIT.             
  2. The area technician is often juggling many different requests at once. They are more used to receiving new requests via the work order system than by direct contact.
  3. We have found that most issues are solved more quickly if the user contacts OIT Support rather than contacting the area technician directly.
Every week, the OIT department handles nearly 500 separate requests for support and maintenance. The process by which these requests are processed and dealt with is constantly being updated and modified to reflect the needs of the members of the University and the IT infrastructure. However, the basic process remains the same
  1.  A member of the University contacts OIT Support and speaks with a trained Service Center  Help Desk technician.
  3. The technician aims to resolve the issue then-and-there, contacting other members of the OIT department on the user's behalf if the resolution can be immediate.
  5.  If no immediate solution is possible, the technician will create a work order.  At this point, they should verify the user's contact details, and make absolutely certain that the issue is recorded as the user would like it recorded.
  7. The work order is then assigned to the Help Desk coordinator who reviews the issue and ensures that there is no missing information. At this point, there is a chance that the user will receive a call back to verify a missing piece of information.
  9. The coordinator then uses their experience, and a very long list of every OIT resource and their support personnel, to assign the work order to the member of OIT best suited to solve the issue.
  11. Once the issue has been solved, the user will either be notified by the OIT technician responsible or the Help Desk. If necessary, the work order will be updated and reviewed again.

This process has been designed to ensure that most issues get resolved quickly and accurately. OIT also aims to stay in communication with all users while their issue is being dealt with. If you would like an update on any work order you have submitted, please contact OIT Support.