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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Committee

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility Committee of the University of Nevada, Reno coordinates and has oversight of University efforts to ensure compliance with the University Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility Policy (7,007), the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents Policy for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Accessibility (Title 4, Chapter 8, Section 15), and all applicable federal and state laws governing access by an individual with a disability to ICT at postsecondary institutions.

The committee is chaired by the University’s Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer. The Vice Provost and CIO has the responsibility to identify resources to support the work of the committee and all other commitments relating to ICT.

The committee is charged with developing guidelines, implementation strategies, tools, and resources to ensure accessibility of Information and Communication Technology campus-wide. The committee shall have the responsibility and authority to:

  • Establish and retain membership
  • Recommend policy changes
  • Recommend procedural changes
  • Form subcommittees and working groups with members and/or other stakeholders as needed, to carry out its responsibilities
  • Recommend an accessibility budget
  • Make regular reports to University Leadership on progress, challenges, and recommendations


Chair, Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer Steve Smith 

Represented Units 






Atchley Sommer 365 Learning Instructional Designer
Fittrer Ana A&R Training and Documentation Coordinator 
Turk Heather A&R Associate Registrar
Beaupre Molly A&R Records and Registration Manager
Tillotson Sariah A&R Administrative Assistant
Rodriguez Raul ASUN Coordinator
Harrison Thomas College of Engineering  Faculty
Leverington Michael Comp Sci & Eng Faculty
Donahoe Seema DHS/SOM Creative Director, SOM
Bussa Allison DRC Disability Accommodations Coordinator
Mooers Jeanine DRC Software Tester
Zabel Mary DRC Director
Christensen Mary Anne DRC Assistant Director
Pourgholaminejad Shiva DRC Graduate Assistant
Taylor Shanon Education Associate Professor
Ducettperry Maria EEO & Title IX Director
Heid Mary Enrollment Services  Assistive Technology Coordinator
Choroszy Melisa Enrollment Services Associate VP
Barnard Melissa General Counsel's Office Assistant General Counsel
Cleveland Kara Graduate School Manager of Operations
Lee Raymond Integrated Marketing Web Developer
Clausell Deaon Integrated Marketing  Web Development Director 
Leonard Bob IT for Med school  Information Technology Director 
Ray Kathlin Libraries Dean
Rachal Michelle Libraries Librarian
Pelekai-Wai Kalena Marketing & Communications Sr. Web Developer
Garcia Kerri Marketing & Communications Communications Director
Mendoza Oswaldo Marketing & Communications Web Interface Designer
White Thomas Marketing & Communications Executive Director
Brown Michael Marketing & Communications Digital Marketing Director 
McKinlay George NCED  Data Systems Coordinator 
Gallagher Ben OIT Online Support Specialist
Springer Jeff OIT Chief Information Security Officer
McKinney Jim OIT Deputy CIO
Boyd Robert OIT MED User Services Manager
Smith Steve OIT Vice Provost and CIO
Hill Tina OIT User Services Director
Williams Tracy OIT Metrics and Measures 
Cline Joseph Provost's Office Vice Provost
Burton Stacy Provost's Office Vice Provost
Brownfield Betsy Purchasing Buyer
Ellis Shannon Student Services Vice President
Huffman Ed TLT Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies 
Massie Don TLT Instructional Technologist
Huffman Edward TLT Director
Gardella Greg TLT Instructional Technology Manager
Li Wenzhen TLT Instructional Designer
Adams Kurt Wolf Shop Retail Storekeeper

Not Currently Represented

  • University Risk Manager
  • Controller/Finance
  • Alumni
  • Web Accessibility Liaison, representative
  • Facilities
  • ASUN, student representative
  • GSA, student representative
  • Students with disabilities
  • DAR